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Battery Storage in the News

2018 Scientific Reports, a scientific report - “Toxic fluoride gas emissions from lithium-ion battery fires”

7/25/22 - American Chemical Society Letters - "Li-ion batteries are prone to overheating, swelling, electrolyte leakage venting, fires, smoke, and explosions in worst-case scenarios involving thermal runaway . . . the gases produced as a result of a fire, smoke, and/or thermal runaway can accumulate to a combustible level in the installation location and cause an explosion (detonation). In general, the off-nominal conditions that can cause the occurrence of catastrophic events with Li-ion batteries can be categorized into electrical, mechanical, and environmental types. The most common electrical hazards are over-charge, over-discharge, and external and internal short circuits . . .The influence of other environmental hazard causes, such as changes in altitudes, pressures, salt fog, floods, rain, etc., are not as well understood. Mechanical hazards such as those caused by vibration, shock, and impact are understood to a certain level.


9/21/22 - Moss Landing residents worried for their safety after PG&E's Tesla-battery fire, KSWB News:


1/11/23 - Popular Science “Saltwater is Lithium Ion Battery’s worst Enemy” - very quick look from a trusted authority:,internal%20solvents%20to%20cause%20fires.


9/19/23 - PV Magazine - San Diego BESS fire:  (pv= Photovoltaics Markets)


9/28/23 - Uzbekistan airport explosion kills one:


10/13/23  Monterey Herald - Laird & Addis co-sponsor Senate Bill 38, safety bill RE Battery Storage - good summary of Moss Landing incidents:


NEW:  11/14/23 - Fresno Fox TV News, video about car fire in Fresno;

fic Reports, a scientific report - “Toxic fluoride gas emissions from lithium-ion battery fires”:

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