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8/10/23 New Times Opinion Article “Deceptive Measure” written by Who’s Who in opposition to Initiative:  (see Aaron Ochs response, 9/4/23)


9/4/23, Aaron Ochs letter responding to “Deceptive Measure” Opinion in New Times 8/10/23:


9/21/23 - New Times - Opinion by Jeff Eckles - “The citizen-led initiative process strengthens our democracy” (this opinion also ran in the Trib),


9/23/23 - Estero Bay News - “City Seeks Safety Consultant for Battery Plant Project”,


NEW: 1/22/23 - Aaron Ochs responds to Marlys McPherson’s letter negating the necessity and effectiveness of the Initiative Process:

What about AB 205

Assembly Bill 205 says that the governor has the ability to overrule local government.

On June 30, 2022 Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 205 

which contains a variety of energy measures, including creating a “Strategic Reliability Reserve” to be used during extreme events when the State’s grid is especially taxed, as well as expanding the California Energy Commission’s (“CEC”) siting authority to include additional types of generating facilities. These include solar and onshore wind projects with a capacity of 50 MW or more; energy storage facilities with a capacity of 200 MW hours or more; powerplants using any source of thermal energy, with a generating capacity of 50 MW or more, excluding fossil- or nuclear-fueled plants; and transmission lines carrying electricity from any of those types of facilities to the first point of interconnection.

In expanding the CEC’s siting authority, AB 205 allows those proposing to construct any of those types of facilities mentioned above (solar, onshore wind, nonfossil-fueled powerplants with a generating capacity of at least 50 MW, energy storage systems capable of storing 200 megawatt hours or more of electricity, or transmission lines from those generating or storage facilities to a point of junction with an interconnected electrical transmission system) to file an application for certification (“AFC”) with the CEC on or before June 30, 2029.

  • The CEC will be required to review and make a determination on the AFC within 270 days.

  • The CEC would be the designated lead agency for purposes of CEQA analysis of the certification decision, with review and input from relevant local governments as well.

  • The CEC is given exclusive authority to certify a site and related facility and the associated environmental impact report, whether the application proposes a new site and related facility, or a change or addition to an existing facility.

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