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In The News

Citizens for Estero Bay Protection is proud to have spearheaded the effort to stop BESS and the industrialization of our waterfront.  Here are some of the articles describing our efforts and successes.


Battery Storage Gone Wrong

Lithium-ion batteries are the “state of the art” Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) currently proposed.  They have a devastating safety record.  See some of the science about these batteries and a few of the disasters they have caused.


Citizen's Initiative 

Here is the full text and the certified maps on which our Initiative is based.



Sample Letters

Do you want to know what say to Vistra? Here are some sample letters that may be helpful when you do your writing.


Government Affairs

How have the actions of elected officials paved the way for BESS?  How has the government protected our community character in the past?  What restrictions, easements and deeds are recorded on the BESS site?  Dense political maneuvering uncovered here.


Letters and Opinions

Read the viewpoints, pro and con, of prominent citizens in the media.

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