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Get to Know Us

Citizens Preserving Estero Bay


Our Goals

  Our mission is to protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of our town and Estero Bay.  By voting YES on Measure A-24 in November 2024, we can restore the Morro Bay Voters' right to curtail industrial use on our Embarcadero and the adjacent beaches.
  We are committed to preserving this beautiful water front and we believe that industrialization of our Embarcadero and beaches poses a significant threat to the local environment, tourist economy and nearby high school.

   As a community of concerned citizens, we are dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for  a safe and appropriate use of the Power Plant property. We believe our voices and actions can make a difference, and we are committed to using all available means to achieve our goal.

   We also recognize the importance of promoting sustainable and responsible practices in our community and beyond. Through our advocacy work, we aim to inspire others to take action and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

   Our mission is driven by our love for this special place and our desire to protect it for generations to come.

Our Organization

Led by a group of concerned citizens, this organization has been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the potential dangers of industrial uses on our Embarcadero and waterfront.

We have organized rallies, spoken at public meetings, had informal "meet and greets",

and engaged in numerous other forms of advocacy to promote our cause:  YES on Measure A-24. We are a 527 PAC.  FPPC # 1458339



Please make personal checks payable to "Citizens For Estero Bay Preservation" (CEBP)

Mailing Address 

PO Box 92 

Morro Bay, Ca


*FPPC information required for donation over $99


Be Part of Something Great

Don't Let Estero Bay Become Another Environmental Disaster.

Help us protect these

lands for generations to come.


 Together we can

make a difference!

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