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The initiative was presented to the City Council Sept 12th!  Thanks

for coming to the meeting.

The fight is not over. Keep checking this website, Facebook page, or Nextdoor for updates on what is happening. 

Preserve Estero Bay 


 Protect the natural beauty, sensitivity, and intrinsic value of
Morro  Bay’s waterfront and Embarcadero.


Citizens for Estero Bay Preservation FPPC #1458339

How YOU Can Help Us



 City Council Meetings 

Please attend our City Council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the 

 Veterans Memorial Building at at 209 Surf St. MB

Being present at meetings makes a real difference. 


Contact Local Politicians

Please contact our Morro Bay City Council and Staff and local California Representatives and ask them to protect our harbor and keep the Service, Recreation, and Commercial Zoning for the proposed 24 acre BESS site. 


Post a Yard Sign


Wear a T-Shirt

around town

You CAN make a difference!


Request a Yard Sign and T-Shirt at

Written Correspondence to the city
can be mailed to: 

 City of Morro Bay
Attn: Mayor and City Council 
595 Harbor Street
Morro Bay, Ca 93442


Get to Know Us

Despite facing opposition from powerful corporations and local politicians, this group of activists remains steadfast in their commitment to their cause. They believe that their voices and actions can make a difference, and they are determined to inform Morro Bay residents about the Battery Energy Storage System proposal to be built on Morro Bay's beloved waterfront. They are passionate about preserving Morro Bay's unique, Nationally protected Estero Bay, recreational boating and fishing village for future generations to enjoy.


Your Help is Needed to Protect Morro Bay:
Will You Join Us?

Your donation can truly make a world of difference and help to create a brighter future for all.

Joining our group against the Battery Energy Storage System is an opportunity to make a difference in the world around you. 

The EIR for Moss Landing states there must not be schools, parks, or beaches within a quarter mile. 1,320 feet is a quarter of a mile.


If it is not safe for Moss Landing, why is it safe for Morro Bay, especially with a high school about a 1/4 mile away?

The Coastal Commission voted against refurbishing our current sewer plant because it is located in an established tsunami area. That sewer plant is next door to the proposed BESS site.


Read About a Similar BESS Fire at
Moss Landing, CA, 9/20/22

Senate committee discusses PG&E's Tesla-battery fire in Moss Landing


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